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How and why
Roman Lamsal - 9/11/2021

Creating my own blog

… and that’s already the answer to “why”: While redoing my personal website, I figured “why not create a blog-like space for the stuff I do”.

Choosing the techstack

As I was already about to lay my hands on some new technology outside create-react-app to update my website, I started off with parcel and webcomponents. But things were not as smooth as I expected them to be.

And another thing bugged me: SEO. My homepage was ranked on the third page of google (!).

Static site rendering

I tried to stick to the idea of having a plain, statically built website for SEO reasons and also, to learn some outside-CRA-react.

I wanted to use something in which I could integrate TailwindCSS nicely. TailwindCSS is a “utility-first CSS framework” and it’s the f*cking best at it.

As I am also quite used to React, I wanted to stick to it for the sake of not learning too many things at once.

The gods of react-frameworks have given us two options for static site rendering:

  • NextJs
  • Gatsby

And the winner is…


Albeit NextJs being the rising star and admittedly the better framework (sorry Gatsby!), I like the simplicity and “it just works”-experience I had with gatsby. I did not test both frameworks excessively and I might switch to NextJs at some point, but right now, Gatsby is doing it’s job.


If you have read this far: Thank you for your interest. Cheers!

great gatsby